Tweaked Site Engine Again

Originally published: 03/2011 by J Wynia

So, back this summer, I yanked this site off of Wordpress and put it on a temporary solution, powered by Lucene. That appeared to work well, but cracks started showing in that setup recently. See, this site is hosted on a cloud hosting environment.

That works great for distributing load across servers. What it’s not so good at is handling changes to the files. When, like with Lucene, the data is stored directly in files within a site, as the individual servers in the cluster attempt to sync up, they get confused.

That’s what’s been happening with this site. As I updated the Lucene indexes, all would be fine for a bit and then gradually, duplicate content started showing up on the site.

I figured it was time to switch it back to being database-powered to get around that problem. I’ve converted the dominant content over and this should make it much easier to update the site. Only time will tell if that reduced friction will result in me writing more. One can hold hope, right?


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