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Originally published: 03/2011 by J Wynia

Like a lot of geeks and digerati, I register a lot of domains only to discover that I never get around to using them for anything. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’m getting rid of some to cut my portfolio down. I could just release them, but figure the people I know (even just casually online) should get first crack at them.

This list represents a batch of projects that I thought I’d get around to at some point. I am growing more and more willing to abandon such notions when it’s clear that I’m actually not going to get around to doing anything with the idea.

Then there’s the effort I’m putting into ideas that I have a much better chance of actually executing on.

Maybe you have a use for one of these domains. If you do, let me know and I’ll transfer it over to you instead of just deleting my claim on it. – was going to be for a niche blog about making good iced tea instead of just using Lipton tea bags – I am largely self-educated. Wanted to build a site to help others do the same. – aimed at being a not-all-that-short URL shortener. – Intended for a blog of recipes using beer. Even started this one, but got nowhere. – Back in the days of “pro” blogging and blog “networks”, I registered this. – Same day. Same reason. – This was intended to help highlight content licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Used it for a bit with subdomains like to highlight CC-BY photos from Flickr. Like this idea, but I never invested enough time in it. – Paired with the above for covering the common domains. – I get sick of the poor way people ask technical questions. They don’t include the stuff that geeks need to actually help and often include lots of irrelevant info. Was planning on writing up a guide to asking technical questions of geeks. – Intended to be used for a StackOverflow for “maker” culture (see Make Magazine) – Was going to be a blog of movie reviews with a binary rating system (i.e. a single bit): 1 if I would pay to see it if I had it to do over again, 0 if I wouldn’t. – Like, intended to highlight CC-licensed fiction. Turned out to be really hard to find much of it to feature.

So, just let me know in the comments that you want the domain. First come, first served. Anything not claimed by next week will just be released to the domain pool.


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