Apparently I *Do* Subscribe to a Lot of Feeds

Originally published: 05/2006 by J Wynia

Today I decided to upload my OPML feed subscriptions to the new Share Your OPML service. Apparently there are only 4 other people (at the time of this writing) using it who have more feeds in their list than I do.

I'll admit it. I'm completely sold on RSS as a way of reading great information. There's no way I'd keep up on as many topics as I do with some sort of bookmark system. Drop every new article into an email account with nice sorting features, etc. and it's MUCH easier to manage.

I fully expect that the number (currently 457) to only grow over the next year or 2. I do want some better tools to filter, but that's all I really want to keep scaling it. For instance, I read Gizmodo and a couple of other gadget sites. However, I really don't care about iPods and cellphones. I just don't.

I want to pull that part of those feeds out. It seems when someone gets too many feeds, they only really consider completely dropping feeds out of their subscription. The reality is that every feed has a certain percentage of items that we want to see. For some, it might be in the 90-100% range, but not for all. I know there are some that are closer to 5% in my list, but that 5% is worth its weight in ethereal gold.

I'm going to be putting POPFile IMAP into play to see if I can't get that working better for me. I guess we'll see. And, with the comparison features to help people find more feeds, I'm likely to need that extra filtering sooner rather than later.


Garrick Van Buren on 5/8/2006
J - this is what I've called the 'everything but' feed. For example, I'd like the entire ITConversations feed but without TechNation. Unfortunately, we're stuck doing the opposite right now - adding individual feeds, best I've seen is WordPress' category feeds.
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