Weather? Yeah, We've Got It. So?

Originally published: 02/2006 by J Wynia

This comic really made me chuckle, given the contrast between the "we're all going to die, because winter weather is hitting us" that seems to have filled the news and internet channels over the last week and the downright clinical telling of fact that today's weather (radio reported wind chills of -37F [note the negative]) has brought to today's newspaper. No freaking out, just reporting the fact that it's really cold, that the commute wasn't affected and AAA isn't reporting any problems with travel. In other words, if you live in North America, while winter weather is worth reporting, calm the $%^& down about it. You'll survive.

And, if you're going to start going on about it, you'd better be prepared to beat the comparisons that the folks in Canada, Minnesota, North Dakota and other places where winter is just part of life.


Tim on 2/19/2006
I believe watching the weather channel gives us the apocalyptic fix we all need as humans. We need there to be something larger than us and even normal, seasonal weather, if packaged properly, can look like the end times.
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