Having Someone Else Sell Your Junk on Ebay?

Originally published: 01/2006 by J Wynia

I've got a bunch of stuff that should go on eBay. The pile includes my Canon Digital Rebel, which, while a fantastic camera, is just too big for daily use and sits unused for months on end. It also includes a bunch of suits and sportcoats that fit a much larger J that no longer exists, my unlocked Sony GSM phone, etc. In short, a big pile of eBay fodder.

The problem is that I hate selling on eBay.

  1. I hate boxing items up to ship out.
  2. I hate estimating shipping costs.
  3. I'll never use Paypal again, even if they would let me.
  4. I hate managing the auctions themselves.

Which leads me to the "I'll sell your stuff on eBay" businesses that are around. The idea sounds great to me. I hand over the pile of junk, with notes and reserve prices, etc. and they take care of the tedious eBay bit for a portion of the sale price.

I'm curious if anyone has used one of these? I'd especially be interested in any in the Twin Cities that people have used.


Garrick Van Buren on 1/26/2006
Last time I looked into it, the drop shop's fees start at $20/item. The economics of that made me scratch my head.
J Wynia on 1/26/2006
Yeah, that kind of pricing makes no sense at all unless you're selling all high end items. That might be OK for the camera setup (retail on the whole bundle is *still* something around $1100), but not for the vast majority of what's sold on eBay. I'm sure not going to pay $20 to list an item that will probably sell for $10.
JeffG on 1/26/2006
There is a chain in Southern California called "Sold it on eBay" I believe they only take a % of the sale price and I think it ranges from 25-50%. Not sure if they are in the Twin Cities area or anywhere else for that matter.
Ben S on 1/27/2006
I own an "Ebay Drop off" store in Wayzata, MN Plan B Internet Auctions and have been selling items on ebay for other people for over 2 years. The basic premise behind the idea is to sell your stuff and take a percentage of what the items sell for. The $20 fee is associated with putting a Reserve Price on auctions,and only a very small percentage of my customers have to pay this fee. 99% of the time there is no money out of your pocket, you just recieve a check once your items sell. Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Planbauctions.com
sari on 2/1/2006
hey, i'll buy your camera! i agree with you 100% on ebay. it's a pain. but for someone who lives in a rural area and is anti-social, sometimes it's worth the trouble. i'm serious about the camera.
james markano on 4/25/2006
I have some rare car parts to sell, I don't have the time or the where-withall.to undertake the task on ebay. Is this something you do.
Monika Sturgis on 6/18/2006
Looking for someone to sell my items in Stanislaus or Tuolumne counties
c.william johnson on 6/26/2006
I'm looking for someone to sell a lot of very nice things on Ebay for me, I live in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia, which encludes; Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Cheaspeake, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton, Va. Can you help me.
Arlene Storandt on 7/17/2006
Hello, I was wondering if there are any ebay drop off sites in the southside of Minneapolis or downtown? I have tried to get a friend of mine to sell some of my stuff on e-mail since the beginning of April of this year and she has not had time to do it yet and I am getting a little frustrated. If there is one, what are there hours of operation. Thanks, Arlene S
Janet McPherson on 9/10/2006
Looking for someone in my area to sell items on e bay for me. Please respond ASAP!!!!!!! Thanks, Janet
J Wynia on 9/10/2006
Umm, Janet, the world is a very large place and "your area" is not something we just know.
Erin on 11/13/2006
I went on to ebay to try and sell my stuff and really couldn't makes heads or tails of it! Anyone know of any ebay stores in Pennsylvannia around the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area?
Mitchell on 11/20/2006
All I want is someone to sell for me on ebay,is anyone interested ???
Jessica on 11/28/2006
I Have an E-bay selling web site, and would be more than happy to sell your stuff on E-bay, my fees are listed on the site, but they are not close to the 20.00 that people are asking. I do ask for a small insertion fee of 5.00 or 10.00 dollars depending on the price of the item to list the item, then 30% of final price and I take care of the rest. I live in the south florida area, and would be happy to pick items up in the palm beach area.
Jessica on 11/28/2006
Sorry about that I hit the enter button to fast you can contact me @ Jessie@cybermystikz.com Thanks
Marilyn on 12/20/2006
I am looking for someone who will be willing to make small profit (10%) but on unlimited quantity items. I've tried my hand at ebay without success, probably due to lack of experience and lack of time. Please contact shub99@msn.com for details SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE
Denise Ramirez on 12/30/2006
Hi, I am with FoundValue. I'm in the southern California area, but we have eSpecialists around the country. Our complete, online selling services include: * Consulting with clients to identify items that will sell best. * Providing expertise on potential value. * Photographing and marketing the items online. * Addressing buyers' questions. * Collecting and processing payment. * Packing and shipping the items when they sell. We have to keep a 98% positive feedback also. Our service is for people who want to sell on Ebay, but just don't have the time or the means to do so. The fee is from 20-35%, depending on the item listed. When you see what we do for you, I think you'll realized that it's well worth it. All you do is wait for a check - nothing else! If you think I can help you, or someone in your area, check us out! Denise
Denise Ramirez on 12/30/2006
One thing I forgot to mention, there are NO UPFRONT FEES! You are only charged according to what we sell your items for. Denise
papasax on 1/8/2007
I am looking for someone in the Kansas City area that is willing to sell for me.
Armando on 1/13/2007
If you need eBay sellers in Austin or San Antonio Texas check out Vendelo-Online.com. We have been selling on eBay for 7 years and have sold for clients for the past 2 years. We are an eBay Drop off store.
Average Joe on 1/27/2007
Has anyone here seen this blog post? http://jackwhispers.blogspot.com/2005/12/special-report-you-gotta-b_113606486308815485.html
Raj on 1/27/2007
I live in oakville Ontario. I am looking for someone who is willing to sell some 80 gig I-pods? if anyone can help me out please contact me at r_sall@hotmail.com. Thank you
Laura on 1/29/2007
I need someone to sell my stuff on eBay. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.
marilyn on 2/8/2007
I live near the boston Mass area. where would your drop of be. Please help me I have art and some sculpture
Joshua May on 2/12/2007
Hello Marilyn, My name is Joshua May and I am a Foundvalue eSpecialist in boston. Are you still seeking omeone to sell you art and sculptures? let me know and I can help.
Tony on 3/18/2007
We Make eBay Selling Simple for You, this includes free Pick Up of Your Items. There are no upfront fees for basic listings starting at $ 9.99 or less, our rates are very reasonable. We do all the work for you and send you a check once Sold. We are located in Allentown, PA and operate an office in Bergen County, NJ. We handle items that are valued from $ 30 to several thousand. We can be reached at ebay@todayontheweb.com
Christina on 9/8/2007
Todd, Please give me your email and we can talk about the items you have for sale. Christi
Chaula Hopefisher on 10/26/2007
I live in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Anyone in my area willing to broker my unwanted stuff on e-bay? some large ticket items, some small.
Janice Land on 2/23/2007
We are looking for someone in the St Louis MO area to sell some square dancing dresses. We don't do ebay, but would like to find someone who will put them on and sell them for us.
Todd Swatsler on 9/7/2007
I am looking for help in Columbus Ohio. Large items (furniture, gym equipment) to small. Pick up would be very helpful.
Adam Neidleman on 5/10/2007
Hi D.E. Williams, I am with FoundValue. I'm in the San Jose area, and I could definitely help you out. Our complete, online selling services include: * Consulting with clients to identify items that will sell best. * Providing expertise on potential value. * Photographing and marketing the items online. * Addressing buyers' questions. * Collecting and processing payment. * Packing and shipping the items when they sell. We have to keep a 98% positive feedback also. Our service is for people who want to sell on Ebay, but just don't have the time or the means to do so. The fee is from 20-35%, depending on the item listed. When you see what we do for you, I think you'll realized that it's well worth it. All you do is wait for a check - nothing else! If you think I can help you, or someone in your area, check us out! Adam
Laura on 10/23/2007
I sell on eBay wolrdwide, with a 100% Positive Feedback. You ship your sales from your location. Let me know if you want my flyer or more information. My rate is 25%. My email is jcarneymiller@comcast.net Cheers~
joelandstephie on 3/12/2007
My wife and I have sold hundreds of our own things and friends' items on ebay. If anyone in or around Tallahassee, FL needs some help, I can give a quote. Contact me at joelandstephie@yahoo.com
john adams on 8/11/2007
hi i am looking for someone to sell my goods for me on ebay, i have got jeans and skirts all rock and republic, i have also got good quality chloe paddington bags. i live in the uk can anybody help me?? cheers
Greg Willis on 6/26/2007
I live in Southern California in the Pomona/Chino Valley area. I may have something of value but I need help selling it. I have approximately 200 or more Playboy magazines that I want to get rid of. They start from the early 1970's and are for the most part in EXCELLENT to GOOD condition with actresses/stars such as Vanna White, Pamela Anderson , and even Anna Nicole Smith. If anyone can help please email me and in the subject box RE:PB Magazines. Thanx
Greg Willis on 6/26/2007
Oh I guess my email address would help... ceogmwii@aol.com
chantal on 8/10/2007
I will never personally deal with paypal again or ebay but I like to sell my artwork and crafts for the extra money. I am looking for someone who would like to help me sell them, maybe another stay at home mom. email me at ckempbp@yahoo.ca if you can help me. I would want to list between 5-10 items per week depending on how busy I am. Most are pretty low priced but it adds up.
Bill on 4/27/2007
Try this page out, I think there in Minnesota.
Tammy Helleer on 2/27/2007
I would be looking for a local e-bay seller in the Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, or Allentown area to sell many household items. I am moving out of the area and do not have the time needed to list and sell. Please give me a shout out at my email address: bmicco@ptd.net Thanks!!!
Ralph Lawson on 7/29/2007
I'm looking for someone to sell some historic photo prints of Presidents, Actors, Statue of Liberty constrution, wrestlers, motorcycles, horse and buggy days, inventors, art work pictures of rare photographs,animals, nature and other prints. Also in the near future some classic rock albums. woodstockralph@yahoo.com
Dorine Fell on 10/12/2007
I am looking for someone who will sell my antiques for me on eBay. I live in Bunnell, Florida.(Between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach) I need someone who will take the pictures, I need people locally that will pick them up at my house to avoid shipping charges. Lump sum price for everything is $10,000.00 (have to see to appreciate) includes 3 antique mirrors, radios, dining room set with sideboard, original Simplex Time Recorder, 5 clocks (2 Westminster Chimes, 1 Anniversary Clock 1950's) , "The Sting" player piano with lots of music rolls included, etc. My e-mail is pfell@cfl.rr.com Thank you.
Christina on 6/29/2007
This message is for the two people (#43 and 44) who wanted me to possibly help sell their stuff on ebay. If you could email me at mczwiebel@hometowncable.net and put in the stuff you are wanting to sell, I will get back with you. Thanks. Christina
C Soyster on 8/30/2007
I am looking for someone in San Franicsco to sell stuff on e-bay for me. Please contact at csoyster@earthlink.net.
Thomas E. Doyle on 3/19/2007
I have real estate in Nevada. Do not have time to attend 3 month school on how to sell on ebay. Is someone interested in placing a nice real estate ad for me on ebay, at a fair price?
Joe on 9/18/2007
Hi, I am in Toronto, Canada, and have a LOT of computer equipment that I want to sell on eBay. I know how it works, and have done it for years, but I work so many hours I just don't have the time or energy anymore (especially since I've got 2 kids now!) :-) I am looking for someone local that will come and do an inventory, list of eBay, ship the items out for me, and in return give me a cheque. I am willing to go 50-50 on the proceeds if we use my eBay account (so you've got to be very trust-worthy)... and want to have little to do with the whole process... If this is a service you think you can provide, please email me. JoeUssia@Hotmail.com Thanks! Joe
W. Damasio on 11/20/2007
I own an Appliance Repair company and would like to sell my excess inventory on Ebay. I have about 50 items that range from $20 - $400 in MSRP Value. I do not have time to list Items myself and am looking for an experienced EBAY specialist in the Ft. Lauderdale Florida area. Please repond if you specialize in Selling on EBAY and are interested in helping me with this extra inventory.
laurie zekan on 1/6/2008
I'm living in Lafayette,Colorado. I need someone to come to my place and take pictures of misc items.Llarado,Orrofors and too much to mention. Man o`war lithograph by Georgr Morris.Origanial,hung in Kentucky Horse Museum for 2 years.Please let me know asap. I'll be getting surgery and need help.Garage full of designer ladies clothes,worn once. Sincerely, Laurie
Dave Doherty on 10/29/2007
I live in Hampton NH but have a houseful of items in Pelham NH I'm looking to sell. Help!
Denise Ramirez on 9/11/2007
Hello, Regarding the person in Pomona area with Playboy magazines. I think I can help you. My specialty is vintage magazines. Denise
Joel Alper on 3/24/2007
We are planning to move out of a large home after 10 years, and have numerous items that we'd like to dispose of on ebay. We are in the Maryland suburbs just outside of Washington DC, and looking for a reputable ebay seller.
Michael Wilson on 5/14/2008
I have 14 issues of Playboy magazines I'd like to sell as a lot. Some may be rare I don't know. Best price. May,92 with Vickie Smith centerfold. June,92 Ralph Nader, May,94 Elle Macpherson, July,94 first daughter Patti Davis, Sept,94 Robin Givens, Feb,95 Victoria Jacobs, Mar,95 stunt women, Apr,95 Hawaiian Tropic girls, Aug,95 girls of radio, Oct,95 Women of the Ivy League and Tim McVeigh, Nov,95 Raquel Welch's daughter, David Duchovny, Harvey Keitel, Dec,95 Farrah Fawcett, Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg, Feb,96 Zap, Leslie Nielsen, Mar,99 girls of KISS.
Tammy on 6/27/2007
Looking for Christina, response #39. I have alot of stuff to sell on e-bay but it ranges from small priced items to large. I live in the Columbus area, are you close and are you interested? Anyone in the Columbus area interested?
Marge on 6/27/2007
I am looking for someone to see some antiques and collectiables for me. Also a print that is very old. I live in the Youngstown, Ohio area. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank You
gloria gunn on 4/29/2007
I am looking for some one to sell my stuff for me in the Valparaiso, Indiana area
Nancy Pinkham on 6/13/2007
I have antique china, glassware, small furniture items. don't have time to deal with it, would like to find someone in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area to sell items for me.....please respond Tnanks
Delpha Renard on 3/15/2007
Trying to find someone to sell a large varity of things for me on eBay.
D. E. Williams on 3/30/2007
I am looking to sell a lot of childhood memorabilia and theatrical posters and collectibles in the San Jose, CA area. I have neither the time nor the resources to auction 24/7. If you can help, reply.
shane taylor on 9/28/2007
hi, my name is shane taylor and i live in new zealand. i have some art i wish to sell for a large sum of money. this art portrays my theories on stonehenge and are very uniqe. i am putting my art on ebay shortly for 3,300,000.00 a piece. there are 4 pieces. i would like to sell the collection for 11,000,000.00. if you would like to put your price ontop and sell or if you know where i should try i would like the help. if you would like to see the pieces then please e-mail me back. my e-mail is shane_joseph_taylor1980nz@hotmail.com thank you for your time.
john adams on 6/3/2007
i currently have some jeans that need listing on ebay and as i do not have a credit card or facilities with a computer at home i need some assistance in listing. is there anybody who can help me?
Don McGehee on 2/17/2008
I have a store on ebay and have been successful in selling various items for folks. I live in Dallas, TX and am available to locally to pick up and sell your items. I offer a turnkey service and the only thing you have to do is wait for your check. You can reach me at healthandfitness1@verizon.net to discuss your needs. Thank you.
Wilfred baxter on 12/1/2007
Some one to sell my antiques on ebay in Raymond, New Hampshire.Must come to our home to take pictures as we are handicap. All antiques are valued in the thousands. Willing to pay percentages and you ship. Enough to keep you busy for months.
Christina on 9/4/2007
I currently sell on ebay for myself and others. I am in Ohio if anyone would like to contact me. I just take a % of the final selling price ranging from 20-30%. I would be happy to help! mczwiebel@hometowncable.net Christina
Adam Neidleman on 5/10/2007
Hi Mr. Williams, I'm available at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Adam Neidleman
Christina on 6/8/2007
I am currently selling other people's items on ebay as well. I am in Ohio if anyone would like to contact me. I just take a % of the final selling price ranging from 20-30%. I would be happy to help! Christina
fred passalacquua on 1/2/2008
Need someone to sell my beautiful antique furniture for me on E Bay. I live in orange county california. Must come to home to take pictures for me. We can work on commission. Please asap. thanks fred.
Vikki on 2/17/2008
I Need Someone To Sell My Huge Collection Of Collectables, Costume Jewerly, Tools, Art and Misc. I Live In San Francisco Ca. It Would Be of Great Help To Me if Someone Else Could Sell My Stuff on eBay!! If There Are Any People In The Bay Area Who Do This Please Let Me Know A.S.A.P.
joanne cusumano on 10/23/2007
can you tell me if there is any one who will sell for me i live in palmerton pa. thank you
Tina on 1/30/2008
I need someone to sell my huge quantity of designer clothes on ebay. I live in Kent in England. Any takers
PEGI LARSON on 3/4/2008
PEGI LARSON on 3/4/2008
jacqueline on 1/19/2008
i have a cotton candy machine i want to sell, its worth 1400 new but its been used. trying to find a way to sell it could you help me? columbus ohio
Christina on 1/19/2008
This message is for Jacqueline. I would be happy to help you out. Please send me an email or give me your email address so we can speak further. You can also check out my website at www.onlineauctionit.com. I sell for others in my area all the time and would be happy to help you out. Thanks.
Lourdes Fernandez on 3/29/2008
I live in Miami, FL - I'm very good selling stuff on ebay! Please contact me if there's anything you need to sell. I don't keep a percentage. I just ask you what price you want for your item...and if the item sells for more, I keep that extra cash. If it doesn't, then I make no profit. I do it as a hobby, I really love segmenting and selling stuff to a specific target on ebay. Feel free to email me at lulita99@gmail.com - I specialize in selling electronics.
Renee on 7/7/2008
I, too am looking for someone to sell my high end furniture etc...on ebay! I live in the Dallas, Tx. area and just do not have the time to do the sale myself. I have checked into the local "ebay stores" and the commission rates are really high! I am hoping to find someone willing to sell higher end items- not "nickel and dime stuff"- for a bit lower commision per item since I anticipate the items to go for higher prices! Anyone have any info on someone who could help in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?? Thanks so much!
Darryl Morris on 5/26/2008
Hi I do sell things on eBay and craigslist. I am willing to sell other peoples items for them for very reasonable prices. Please contact me if anyone is interested.
Fawn Herring on 6/12/2008
Hey everyone I have some brand new software for making ebay easier you should all check it out go to www.ebaygenie.com
Lauren on 6/15/2008
I need someone to sell stuff for me on ebay. Would like to find someone local (Miami) so that they can come over and help go through items and give me an idea of what I can get - so I know what to sell. Also looking for someone with competitive terms (charge lower %) as my items are all high end designer stuff (clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc.) If interested please email me to: llipcon@injuryfundsnow.com along with your ebay site so that I can see your feedback and any references, as well as pricing info. I'm looking to do this ASAP. Thanks! Lauren
Mary on 8/6/2008
I live near Athens, GA. I have an eBay store & a ProStore and would be willing to list, sell & ship items for folks for cost + 15%. If anyone is interested please let me know. You can reach me at ftb80@yahoo.com please use subject eBay Sales for me. Thanks
Martin on 8/2/2008
I live in leawood , kansas and I have too much clothes, I wear them only one time , I would like sell them but I don't have time. is there anyone who can take care of it for me and sell it thru Ebay and charge me percentage. let me know if there is someone who does that.
Bruce Callahan on 8/28/2008
I am looking for someone in the Orlando-Clermont area. To sell items on ebay for me. I will pay commission. If you are interested please contact me at this email address. marlita888@hotmail.com.
Alecia on 9/4/2008
I have some very old childrens books "Little Black Sambo", "Little Brown Coco", "Babar The King", "My Prayer Book", conditions vary. Collectors will want them (I don't) but I don't have time to manage them all on ebay. Does anyone know of a San Francisco-Bay Area company that will sell them for me on ebay? I am in the east bay. Thanks.
Adam Neidleman on 9/8/2008
Hi Alecia, I work for a company called Foundvalue. Here's how our company works: I come to your home and pick up your items. I take digital photos and create a professional listing on eBay. I handle all buyer inquiries. I collect payment and ship the item You get a check! Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation so I can show you how much your items are worth on eBay. I"d be happy to make the trip to list your items. Let me know when is a good time to contact you. Best Regards, Adam Neidleman Foundvalue E-Specialist adamsc@foundvalue.com http://www.foundvalue.com/wp/adamsc
Laura Miller on 9/25/2008
I'm an eBay Trade Assistant and can sell your things for you. Email me and I'll email you my information sheet. I've been selling on eBay for years and have a 100% positive Feedback Rating. I look forward to working for you. Warm regards~
Erna on 1/9/2009
Hi, my name is Erna and I would love to sell for you! I'm in New York City area. I started selling my own designer merchandise on Ebay and now sell for clients. I have been selling on eBay for 5 years and have built an excellent customer base. This in turn gives your items the best chance of selling for a higher price than if you were to list on eBay alone. I have a studio to take pictures in the best setting and lighting possible to show details. I know exactly what to say and what to highlight to showcase your items. So start making money now and receive a check from me every month! Please email me for more details at lovetoshop212@yahoo.com. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. PS Dear Shauna, if you still have your Fendi Bag please feel free to contact me. I have fashionistas in my database who would love to bid on it :)
Faye on 9/27/2008
hello, im overweled with new and old stock of high end clothing and shoes,looking for a libster in (seattle washinton) need help asap xmas is comming.warm regards
Randy Smart on 10/13/2008
Would love to list items for people in the Salt Lake City to Provo Utah area. I will do like others, list for cost + 30% commision. Price is negotiable on higher end items etc. Please give me a call after 6 pm or email me 805-215-8571 chrisahardaway@mail.com ebay id chrisahardaway 186 positives, 1 negative back in 200-2001. I mostly sell designer shoes, glasses, sporting goods, equiptment, memorabilia, vintage items, autographed items. Or generally anything that will sell. ebay has a cost analyzier that wil give you an average of what similar items sell for thank you!!!
Tyrone Simmons on 11/13/2008
I currently have a house for sale in the pocono east stroudsburg area"Must Sell" considering all offers.. I also have a 95 Cadillac Sadan for sale.Can someone please help sell for me?I'm currently in the New York area contact:nitty00@hotmail.com or cell1(347)220-5109
Jam Govia on 9/15/2008
we sell stuff in the bay area, (california) on ebay and craigslist!!! we will gladly do it for you. Like most, there are no upfront fees, we give you the cash once the item sells. and.. we are super cool!!!! :) Visit us at jamexsells4u.com the website is ALMOST done :)
timmy warren on 6/1/2009
i need someone to sale for me twtheman@comcast.net
Joni on 10/17/2008
I have a ton of baby clothing that I would like to sell on ebay. I do not have the time to do this and was wondering if someone in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area could sell for me. Please respond to jocosyd@gmail.com. Thanks
Marc on 3/2/2009
I have some electronics I'd like to sell on ebay and was wondering if anyone can help. I have some ham radio handhelds, a Motorola AM/FM superradio, and a Yaesu VR-500 scanner. Thanks. My email address is mas215@aol.com
libby.brown on 9/19/2008
I am looking for someone to sell some stuff on Ebay for me. I live in Las Cruces, NM
Lori Adams on 11/14/2008
Anyone in the New York City area who can sell for me? I have a great number of items, ranging from vintage collectibles, designer shoes, fine 18K jewelry,electronics, Steinway piano, etc, etc. Please email me at ManhattanMax@aol.com. Thank You!
gema on 3/30/2009
i have got loads of little girls clothes, toys etc. i havent got time to sell them myself. if anyone interested im in the coventry area pls let me no asap. thanks
Irma Snyman on 10/9/2008
Hi, I am the writer of an extensive range of educational materials researched and developed for children (pre-school to 9 years of age.) I would like to sell the concept as a whole. Looking for someone to assist in finding a buyer on eBay or anywhere else. ASAP Fixed price. Based in South Africa
Jill on 7/7/2009
Is there a business near Morristown, NJ that sells items on ebay?
Matt on 7/22/2009
I have about 30 bags of very nice, named brand, girls clothing (age 0-5) in very good condition that I am looking to sell. I also have other odds and ends that are both children related and not. I live in Croton on Hudson, NY and if you are interested in helping me sell this, please email me back at thewism@aol.com. Thanks.
Jean on 12/10/2008
Hello I am looking for someone in ft lauderdale area to sell 100 new handbags. If anyone is interested in selling for me then email at jean.elkordy@gmail.com or ph 954-650-0018 Thank U
Shauna on 12/10/2008
I have a the Fendi Mink Spy Bag, I got it as a gift and I have been unable to use it. I am trying to sell it, but I've never used E-Bay. Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about selling this piece?... I would love to give it to someone who would be able to get me the most for this product and who I would be able to trust and my buyer would be able to trust. The Fendi Mink Spy Bag has a 10k price tag on it... and on top of that it has been off the market for almost a year now. I have been doing a lot of research on it and people are really looking to buy one but they can not find them because of how rare they are.
Susan Clark on 4/25/2009
I have a friend who went to the Ebay store and sold a Silver Flute. They take anywhere from 30-40% of the sale. They most usually won't take small items as their initial charge to list it is $20. So if you want to sell something for $20.... What makes a sale successful is the description and a good seller reputation. I used to love Ebay, now I am afraid to list anything. I had 3 exerciser things that a retail store was getting $99 at a "Buy It Now" price (he had listed about 50). I put mine on Ebay starting at $5.00 and had bids going upwards past $75 when the guy who was selling the $99 ones complained to Ebay that there was an infringment on his rights and they had the patent on the things. (he was losing sells from me and figured I had more). Ebay didn't even ask me as they lean toward the big retailer now - they just deleted all my listings and asked questions later. I had to relist all of them and lost the customers who were bidding. So... the little 'garage sale' Ebay that we all know and like - IS GONE.
Jacques on 7/15/2009
i am looking for someone to sell assorted items (i just DO NOT have the time) for me in the montreal, quebec area.
Eva on 2/1/2010
Hi, I have been selling in ebay and other sites for the past 7 years and I'll definetly will sell your stuff for you in the internet. I'm in the Missisauga area and will pick up your items. If you want to sell or even if you are looking to buy anything online, I can help you out. email me if interested ecanada@ymail.com
Kristen on 4/21/2009
Hi. I live in Central MA. Is there anyone in this area interested in selling women's clothing? Please contact me at kristen.winslow@charter.net thanks!
THomas on 1/10/2009
I would like someone to contact me about the items that I have no time to sell them on e-bay My e-mail address is thomassharonk@aol.com
Poppy Javid on 1/11/2010
Hi I have so many odd and ends at home - especially lot of designer drapes, that I want to sell on ebay or craigs list. I just dont have the time to seel them myself. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and I need help selling them. Is there anyone local, who would help me sell them. Please email me at pa12399@hotmail.com
PEGI LARSON on 12/15/2009
Joba on 1/14/2010
Looking for an eBay service to sell collectibles for me. Sports and music photos and autographs. Books, posters. In Milwaukee, WI. Thanks.
Dave on 2/6/2010
Interesting site, especially with the economy still the way that it is. I would be interested in seeing more information as 2010 goes along to see if your opinion changes.
Catherine Ritorto on 2/11/2010
Hello, My name is Catherine Ritorto I'm 27 years old and live in the NY area and i do freelance designs and other forms of creative media including selling on E-Bay. I also make handmade personal gifts and chocolates. I work from home in my spare time and do everything myself so I do not charge that much. I design: websites fliers business cards cd cases sell things for people on E-Bay I also make: gift baskets flower arrangements chocolate pops and favors also scrapbooks (you hand me the photos and i design it for you ill ask a few questions about the pictures and i will give you a free layout idea) I also offer: Avon products and give free samples with every order and free consultation and make up application. If you are interested in viewing my Avon website or a website I have created or any pictures of things i have done please contact me. The list goes on.... if you need something or have an idea and can't get it off the ground please e-mail me Catherine Ritorto at: hansonfanandonlyhanson@yahoo.com in the subject please write "reply to your post"
Bruce on 12/9/2009
I am interested in someone helping me to sell on e mail a platinum record we received years ago from the family of the late Luther Vandross. The record was commemorative of 1 million sells of the album "Never too Much". Please contact me if interested at blockard1@gmail.com. I live in Greenbelt MD.
Darren on 2/5/2010
is there anyone doing this kind of thing in Ireland for the eu market??? if so e mail me on dar_dub2001@yahoo.co.uk
jeff samson on 5/5/2010
I live in the DFW area and need someone to sell things on EBAY for me. All will sell as their will be no reserve. Please email me for your fee's. I will pay usually $20, $50, or $100 per item listed. Thanks
darryl on 3/27/2010
i need to seel my stuff on ebay, i need a place in the allentown, pa area??
Larry Bleich on 4/18/2010
I own a small business serving the greater St. Louis, MO area in which we sell unwanted items for clients on eBay and Craigslist. We have sold anything from Porsches, to aluminum pool fencing to furniture and household items to antiques. I have the lowest rates and fast service! Check us out at www.onceyours.com.
C. Benson on 6/21/2010
I am in the Orlando area, and I sell things on ebay every week. Up until now they have been my own things, but I would be more than willing to sell other peoples items on Ebay for a small fee. I have been in the ebay business for a year now, Ebay has rated me a powerseller and top rated seller for my performance last year. If anyone would like me to sell things for them please email me at chynnajustine@hotmail.com.
glenda on 5/31/2010
I live in NC. I need someone to help me sell my 07 chevrolet tahoe. it has very low milage and many ugrades. im willing to discuss percentages
jay on 2/28/2010
I need someone in Las Vegas Nevada to help sell some things on E Bay for me
Dave on 3/1/2010
Let me tell you why these services work: 1. Lots of positive buyer feedback (trust) 2. You're buying expertise in listing and marketing of your auction item 3. You can learn their trade and replicate it for your other items that you don't want to "split" the revenue 4. Most of the time, you can take the items out of your home, giving you more space!
Erin on 6/30/2010
Hi all! I live in San Diego, California and have had much success selling (and buying, truth be told!) on Craigslist. I have sold on eBay from time to time, but have had better success with Craigslist. I am a jewelry artist who through selling on line has become very comfortable with the ins and outs of web-based sales and shipment. I ship USPS or FedEx. I am also a graphic designer and writer and create snappy, crisp listings that get noticed! I charge 25-35% depending upon what you're selling and how you'd like me to sell it. I pick up items free of charge in a 25 mile radius of my zip (92020). I handle all the details of the sale and hand you a check less my commission and any listing costs (eBay). Easy and painless! If you live in the San Diego area, e-mail me: erinpettit@cox.net
ko on 4/8/2010
Looking for someone in N KY / Cincinnati area to either buy my stuff outright and sell it or commission me for it. I have assorted electronics, baby items, designer clothes, collector items and more. Thanx for your interest.
Ed Hamada on 5/13/2010
I have retired & downsized & need to sell the stuff that's been in storage in a warehouse in Taunton, MA. I live in Boston. I have no idea what's down there, as I was in the hosp. the day the packers came and learned they were now the movers too. So, I need someone with experience in doing this, if there is such a thing still going on, to go to warehouse do the inventory, take the pics you believe would help sell, then sell and send me the check. We will discuss %%. After negotiating for more than 47 years, I know how to be fair and reasonable and to me, the major part of the price I pay is the relief from not having to do any of it!! I GET IT!
HOWARD KAYE on 5/13/2010
live in the FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA area and need someone to sell things on EBAY for me. Please email me for your fee's. AND HOW DO I CONTACT YOU/
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