My Next 30 Day Challenge: 100 Pages Per Day

Originally published: 08/2005 by J Wynia

With the 5AM wakeup solidly in hand, I'm taking on a more consistent reading pattern as my next one. I read a lot, but it tends to go in spurts. I whip through 3-4 books in a week and then don't read for a couple of weeks. I've got a pile of books sitting here that I haven't read and am itching for another challenge.

My rules are: read 100+ pages per day for 30 days. On average, this should take me about an hour a day. Only printed books count. No magazines, no websites, no RSS feeds, no audiobooks. Content in that form tends to be much deeper than content in the more digital forms. I'm not going to restrict it to non-fiction, though that's most of what my reading "inbox" has in it.

Anyone up for joining me?


David on 8/30/2005
Hmm, I'll go for it. I'm going to count comic books, though, dammit!
Ooze on 8/31/2005
I’m joining J Wynia in a 30-day challenge to read at least 100 pages of book per day . This’ll be a challenge, as I don’t actually really have much in the way of spare time in a given day, so I’ll have to figure out what tradeoffs to make. Sounds interesting, though.
David on 9/8/2005
So far I think I've succeeded on 2 days. This is indeed a challenge!
Ap on 10/10/2005
How long does it take to read a 100 pages? u said an hr but r u sure ?
J Wynia on 10/10/2005
It entirely depends on a whole pile of variables just how long 100 pages will take. My 100p/hr number happens to be something I've measured for general audience non-fiction and for light novels. For more intense material, it drops to about 60-75/hr and more dense learning much lower. It's a combination of just how fast you can read overall, how much digesting of the information you need to do as you read it, whether there are distractions or not, etc.
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